Week 1: The Kettlebell Experiment

While I’m adapting to the new workout schedule, I noticed that my appetite gets better. By reading The two year fitness program and chatting with ERE’s Jacob, I have changed my set.

In exactly this order, I repeat the whole thing 5 times:

  • 20 Swing
  • 12 Clean right hand
  • 12 Clean left hand
  • 20 Squat

The key here is to make every item exactly ONE MINUTE. i.e. do 20 swings in 30 seconds and rest 30 seconds. Do 12 right hand clean in 25 seconds and rest 35 seconds etc.

So the 4 bullets will take 4 minutes to finish. For now I repeat 5 times and it takes 20 minutes. I plan to push to 40 minutes, i.e. 10 times of it in the near future.

Also, I do this only every other day. I still jog, walk or bike when weather permits outside.


One Response

  1. I’m starting my own experiment today. Time to get back to lifting.

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