One Month: The Kettlebell Experiment

If I remember correctly, behavior gurus like to say a habit will form and stay after one month sticking to it. Now that I’ve done my kettlebell workout for over a month, I see more than that.

I used to think that weight lifting is stupid. Why build the muscles you don’t use and get yourself big to consume the food you don’t otherwise need? The answer is that the muscle does more than the weight you lift. When muscles are strong, your posture is better and you get less sore and pain (out of say, computer use).

Beyond that you run better. You lift kids easier. You do chores with ease. And the most interesting thing is that you get instant positive thought boost after lifting weights.

Kettlebell workout is interesting in a way that it is not just the weight training. Most workout using kettlebell has cardio built into it at the same time. For example, I was quite pleasantly surprised that yesterday, I did a 3km run with ease.

After a month, I’m pushing my original workout to 5 repeat of this:

  • 20 Swing
  • 13 Clean (right hand)
  • 13 Clean (left hand)
  • 10 Squat (kettlebell on right hand)
  • 10 Squat (kettlebell on left hand)

I highly recommend this workout. As far as I know, it cannot get simpler, more efficient or cheaper than this.


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