Month 2: The Kettlebell Experiment

First a pleasant surprise: my arms and chest have increased about half inch, which is not a lot, however, judging from the base which is quite small, I’d say Kettlebell has the magic.

Right now I follow 2 different sets depend on my time and energy of that particular workout day.

If I feel strong, I’ll do the following:

Right Snatch for 20 seconds
Rest 10 seconds
Left Snatch for 20 seconds
Rest 10 seconds
Right Clean 20 s
Rest 10 s
Lest Clean 20 s
Rest 10 s
Squat 20 s
Rest 10 s
Squat 20 s
Rest 10 s

It took 6 minutes to complete the above and I can only do about 3-4 repeats of this. (for a total of 18 minutes to 24 minutes)

Conversely, it is easier to do the following because the rest time is a lot longer, usually I can continue for about 30 minutes in total.

Follow the same set above but take every action for 30 seconds.
Rest 30 seconds.
Change to the other arm and continue.

As far as I’m concerned I’m quite happy with the result, in short 2 months. I think I’ll stay put. My short term goal will be pushing the workout to about 40 minutes.

The long term goal is to reach my genetic limit for strength. According to Jacob in ERE, it will take at least one year or two.


2 Responses

  1. Anymore updates about the kettlebell experiment? I am thinking of starting using the same sets you described. How much weight is your KB?

  2. shawn,

    I weight less than 140 lb and had never done any weight training before. I started with a 12KG kettlebell and has not out-grown it yet.

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